Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Disney-Marvel Acquisition

As has been the talk of the nerd crowd lately, The Walt Disney Company has announced their intention to acquire Marvel Entertainment, pending regulatory approval. Most comic book enthusiasts gasped at the concept, worried about the watering down of their favorite masked heroes. However, there is much good that can come out of this acquisition. The following is a list of ways that both companies can benefit the purchase.

marvel-disney Marvel can now leverage off of the power of the Disney owned Pixar to successfully reboot some of their superhero franchises on the big screen. While the fantasy worlds of such heroes such as Daredevil and Ghost Rider are compelling in print, something often gets lost in translation during the filming of the movies. Pixar has proven that they are not afraid to create animations toward an older audience. Hell, let’s ditch The Incredibles and give the Fantastic Four another shot.


Next spring, sci fi enthusiasts are going to have a void to fill as LOST ends its final season. What a better way to continue the mythology of the series than in an ongoing monthly comic series? If the acquisition goes through, Disney would own both Marvel and ABC, thus allowing the two to collaborate. This would also be a great way to explain the origins of the island, as well. Dharma Initiative graphic novels, anyone?


So far, we have covered movies and TV shows. How about video games? While Marvel has been no slouch when it comes to game adaptations, Disney has also earned it's respect for their partnering with Squaresoft on the Kingdom Hearts franchise. Kingdom Hearts allows you to play as Disney characters in a role playing game setting. Currently on the fourth entry, it has often been pondered where Disney was planning to take the series next. With the purchase of Marvel, the answer suddenly becomes very clear.

So how about some real life excitement? Six Flags has superheroes from the DC universe all over their theme parks. So, it would only be natural for Disney to fill its parks with some Marvel themed rides. Swing around New York with Spiderman, or navigate through the futuristic settings of the Baxter Building. Introducing a Marvel themed portion of the theme park will entice those that are too old for the kiddy rides, but too young to have kids of their own.

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